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Publications in scientific journals and books

Publications (in reverse chronological order)

A. Pannier, U. Soltmann, B. Soltmann, R. Altenburger, M. Schmitt-Jansen, 2014:
Alginate/silica hybrid materials for immobilization of green microalgae Chlorella vulgaris for cell-based sensor arrays.
J. Mater. Chem. B: 2, 7896–7909.

A. Pannier, T. Lehrer, M. Vogel, U. Soltmann, H. Böttcher, S. Tarre, M. Green, J. Raff, K. Pollmann, 2014:
Long-term activity of biohybrid coatings of atrazine-degrading bacteria Pseudomonas sp. ADP.
RSC Advances: 4, 19970–19979.

B. Mahltig, U. Soltmann, H. Haase, 2013:
Modification of algae with zinc, copper and silver ions for usage as natural composite for antibacterial applications.
Materials Science and Engineering: C 33(5), 979-983.

B. Mahltig, H. Haufe, C. W. Kim, Y. S. Kang, E. Gutmann, T. Leisegang, D. C. Meyer, 2013:
Manganese/TiO2 Composites Prepared and Used for Photocatalytic Active Textiles.
Croatica Chemica Acta 86(2), 143-149.

H. Haufe, 2012:
Funktionelle Beschichtungen. Filme auf Basis anorganischer Nanosole.
GIT Labor-Fachzeitschrift 56(7), 518-520.

B. Mahltig, F. Schmidt, A. Fischer, H. Haufe, T. Leisegang, C.W. Kim, Y.S. Kang, 2012;
Solvothermaly prepared metal/TiO2 composite sols as a coating agent for textiles for realization of photocatalytic active and antimicrobial fabrics.
In: Textiles: Types, Uses and Production Methods. Editor: Nemr, A.E., Nova Science Publishers, New York, USA.

A. Pannier, U. Soltmann, 2012;
Potential applications of sol-gel immobilized microorganisms for bioremediation systems and biosensors.
In: Advances in Materials Science Research. Volume 12. Editor: Wythers, M.C., Nova Science Publishers, New York, USA.

A. Pannier, M. Mkandawire, U. Soltmann, W. Pompe, H. Böttcher, 2012;
Biological activity and mechanical stability of sol-gel based biofilters using the freeze-gelation technique for immobilization of Rhodococcus ruber.
Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 93(4), 1755-1767.

B. Mahltig, M. Reibold, E. Gutmann, T. Textor, J. Gutmann, H. Haufe, H. Haase, 2011;
Preparation of Silver Nanoparticles Suitable for Textile Finishing Processes to Produce Textiles with Strong Antibacterial properties against Different Bacteria Types.
Z. Naturforsch. 66b, 905-916.

B. Mahltig, 2011;
Hydrophobic sol-gel based coating agent for textiles: improvement by solvothermal treatment.
Journal of the Textile Institute 102, 455-459.

B. Mahltig, D. Fiedler, P. Simon, 2011;
Silver-containing sol–gel coatings on textiles: antimicrobial effect as a function of curing treatment.
Journal of the Textile Institute 102, 739-745.

B. Mahltig, H. Haufe, T. Leisegang, J.S. Gutmann, T. Textor, 2011;
Verminderte Röntgentransmission durch beschichtete Textilien.
Melliand Textilberichte 92, 36-39.

B. Mahltig, H. Haufe, M. Eisbein, 2011;
Nanosols for wood coatings and restoration of old wood.
Pitture e vernici – European coatings 1, 15-23.

B. Mahltig, E. Gutmann, D.C. Meyer, 2011;
Solvothermal preparation of nanocrystalline anatase containing TiO2 and TiO2/SiO2 coating agents for application of photocatalytic treatments.
Materials Chemistry and Physics 5(127), 285-291.

B. Mahltig, U. Soltmann, 2011;
Sol-Gel-Fixierung von Algen zur Realisierung biofunktionalisierter Fasern.
Sol-gel fixation of algae onto fibers for realization of biofunctional materials.
Technische Textilien 1/2011, 17-18.
Technical Textiles 1/2011, E19-E20.

U. Soltmann, B. Nies, H. Böttcher, 2011;
Cements with embedded living microorganisms – a new class of biocatalytic composite materials for application in bioremediation and biotechnology.
Adv. Biomaterials 13(1-2), 25-31.

B. Mahltig, T. Textor, 2010;
Silver Containing Sol-gel Coatings on Polyamide Fabrics as Antimicrobial Finish-Description of a Technical Application Process for Wash Permanent Antimicrobial Effect.
Fibers and Polymers 11(8), 1152-1158.

T. Textor, B. Mahltig, 2010;
Sol-Gel Technologie zur gleichzeitigen antistatischen und schmutzabweisenden Ausrüstung von Geweben.
Melliand Textilberichte 91, 37-38.

T. Textor, B. Mahltig, 2010;
Nanosols for preparation of antistatic coatings simultaneously yielding water and oil repellent properties for textile treatment.
Materials Technology 25, 74-80.

B. Mahltig, A. Fischer, 2010;
Inorganic/Organic Polymer Coatings for Textiles to Realize Water Repellent and Antimicrobial Properties - A Study with Respect to Textile Comfort.
J. Polym. Sci. B: Polymer Physics 48, 1562-1568.

H. Böttcher, B. Mahltig, J. Sarsour, T. Stegmaier, 2010;
Qualitative investigations of the Photocatalytic Dye Destruction by TiO2-coated Polyester Fabrics.
J. Sol-Gel Sci. Techn. 55, 177-185.

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Antimicrobial coatings on textiles- modification of sol-gel layers with organic and inorganic biocides.
J. Sol Gel Sci. Techn. 55, 269-27.

T. Textor, M.M.G. Fouda, B. Mahltig, 2010;
Deposition of durable thin silver layers on polyamides employing a heterogeneous Tollen’s reaction.
Applied Surface Science 256, 2337-2342.

T. Textor, B. Mahltig, 2010;
Mittels Nanosolen antistatisch ausgerüstete Vliesstoffe mit einstellbaren hydrophilen, hydrophoben und/oder oleophoben Eigenschaften.
Textilveredlung 3/4, 8-12.

J. Haase, S. Shinohara, P. Mundra, G. Risse, V. G. Lyssenko, H. Fröb, M. Hentschel, A. Eychmueller, K. Leo, 2010;
Hemispherical resonators with embedded nanocrystal quantum dot emitters.
Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 211101 - 211101-3.

B. Mahltig, H. Haufe, 2010;
Wirkstoffe in der Matrix, Biozidhaltige Nanosole zur Veredlung von weichen und temperaturempfindlichen Materialien.
Farbe und Lack 3, 27-30.

T. Textor, B. Mahltig, 2010;
A sol-gel based surface treatment for preparation of water repellent antistatic textiles.
Applied Surface Science 256, 1668-1674.

B. Mahltig, M. Arnold, P. Löthman, 2010;
Surface properties of sol-gel treated thermally modified wood.
J. Sol Gel Sci. Techn. 55, 221-227.

B. Mahltig, 2010;
Vakuumimprägnierung poröser Metallwerkstücke mit anorganischen Nanosolen.
Vakuum in Forschung und Praxis 22(2), 25-28.

T. Textor, B. Mahltig, 2010;
Mittels Nanosolen antistatisch ausgerüstete Vliesstoffe mit einstellbaren hydrophilen, hydrophoben und/oder oleophoben Eigenschaften.
Textilveredlung 3/4, 8-12.

T. Pietsch, N. Gindy, B. Mahltig, A. Fahmi, 2010;
Fabrication of functional nano-objects via self-assembly of nanostructured hybrid materials.
J. Polym. Sci. B: Polymer Physics 48, 1642-1650.

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Silver nanoparticles in SiO2-Microspheres – Preparation by spray-drying and use as antimicrobial agent.
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Deposition of durable thin silver layers on polyamides employing a heterogeneous Tollen’s reaction.
Applied Surface Science 256, 2337-2342.

A. Pannier, C. Oehm, A.R. Fischer, P. Werner, U. Soltmann, H. Böttcher, 2010;
Biodegradation of fuel oxygenates by sol-gel immobilized bacteria Aquincola tertiaricarbonis L108.
Enzyme Microb. Techn. 47(6), 291-296.

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Algae-Silica Hybrid Materials for Biosorption of Heavy Metals.
J. Water Resource and Protection 2, 115-122.

B. Mahltig, E. Gutmann, M. Reibold, D.C. Meyer, H. Böttcher, 2009;
Synthesis of Ag and Ag/SiO2 sols by solvothermal method and their bactericidal activity.
J. Sol-Gel Sci. Techn. 51, 204-214.

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Thermal preparation and stabilization of crystalline silver particles in SiO2-based coating.
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M. Mkandawire, J. Förster, D. Fiedler, H. Böttcher, W. Pompe, 2009;
Spectrophotometric verification of biodegradation of phenol in a flow dynamic biocers-based bioreactor system.
International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry 89, 529-41.

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Bioactive textiles by sol–gel immobilised natural active agents.
J. Sol-Gel Sci. Techn. 45, 97-101.

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Solvothermal preparation of silver particles and silver modified nanosols for the refinement of temperature sensitive materials.
VDI Berichte 2027, 209-212.

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Cellulose-producing biocer coatings.
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Functionalising wood by nanosol application.
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Investigation into the photo-induced change in wettability of hydrophobized TiO2 films.
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Utilization of sol-gel ceramics for the immobilization of living microorganisms.
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