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Immuno assays are due to their high specificity and sensitivity applied for the detection of slightest quantities of different substances and differentiated structures. The basis of the detection method are antibodies labelled with radioactive substances, enzymes or fluorescent dyes. The sensitivity of the detection step depends highly on the activity of these label substances.

By the working group Microbiology / Biosensor Technology immuno fluorescence assays, ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay) and immunoblot assays are applied in modified configuration for the detection of mould spores in room air. These investigations are performed within the project "Development of an Immunological Method for the Detection of Mould Spores in Room Air". The main principles of ELISA are presented in scheme 1.

The mentioned project is directed to the qualitative and quantitative determination of aerogenic mould spores by an immuno fluorescence assay. The detection principle involving specific mould spore antibodies spotted on a biochip and a fluorescence microscope for the visualisation step is presented in scheme 2.