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Innovative and professional research on demand for small and middle enterprises


The department of "functional coatings" was founded 1993 in Sebnitz. Since January 2002 it is positioned in the Technology Center Rossendorf (ROTECH) near Dresden.

Head of the department 1995 - 2009: Prof. Dr. H. Böttcher

Head of the department since 2010:
Dr. rer. nat. H. Haufe (GMBU board member)

The group is working on nanosol-coatings for functionalisation of textiles, paper and medical products. Via coating these materials gain new and better properties, e.g. modification in surface energy or optical properties.

Another topic is the embedding of bioactive substances, biomolecules or whole biologic cells into nano-structured inorganic metal oxide matrices (Biocere). Futhermore different services are offered: analytical investigations, coatings (dip- or spray-coating) and technical consultation.