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The working group Microbiology / Biosensor Technology is concerned with research and development projects as well as different services in microbiological and bioanalytical area:

  • isolation, selection, characterization and strain maintenance of efficient micro­organisms with specific physiological features relavant to use in environmental and product biotechnology
  • cultivation of defined starter cultures
  • extraction and purification of products from microbiological cells
  • optimization of fermentation procedures to increase the yield
  • formulation of bioactivated carrier materials for environment and agriculture
  • evaluation of physical and chemical sterilization procedures
Biosensor Technology
  • development of measuring systems to the metabolic characterization of microorganisms
  • methods for screening inhibitors and activators
  • automated biological methods for monitoring of bioprocesses
  • Microbial Biosensors for aqueous phase
  • biosensors for measurements in the gaseous phase (room air, industrial gases)
  • Enzyme Sensors with optical, electrochemical and calorimetrical detection
  • Immunoassays for the detection of mould fungi and for medical diagnostics
  • analytic of MVOC for the detection of mould attack
  • methods for testing the effectiveness of biocides
  • tests to estimate the biological degradability, fermentability or the formation of biogas