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The sampling system „AirSampler AS10.1“ was designed to measure microbiology contamination indoors, in buildings and workareas.
It is a portable instrument to analytical assessment of air quality. Different sampling systems realize four variable operating modes for airborne germs or chemical/particle airborne pollutants. For that reason different air separation methods can be selected, such as impinger, filtration, gas scrubbing and adsorption principles.


Accurately defined air volume flows through a steril liquid medium and airborne germs are precipitated in the sampling liquid. This sampling liquid can be analyzed in a microbiology laboratory. The method is suitable for extreme microbiology contaminations (industrial plants, composting, waste sorting, basement). The sampling flow rate is 7 – 8 l/min.


Aerobe germs are sampled on the surface of a sterile gelatine filter with defined air suctioning. The filter is put to a petridish with nutrient media where the germs can cultivate. Therefore the detection of colony-forming units is possible. The method is significantly more sensitive than the impinger procedure and is suitable for low microbiology contaminations (inside air). The sampling flow rate is 16 – 20 l/min.

Gas scrubbing

Another method to sample organic and anorganic airborne pollutants, you can feed a defined air volume into washing liquid and analyse it in laboratory. The contamination of the air sample can be calculated from the concentration of liquid phase and the volumes of washing liquid and air. Increased definite pollutants, can be indirectly a reason of microbial contamination. The sampling flow rate is ca. 600 ml/min.

Adsorption principles

The AirSampler AS 10.1 is suitable for another method. Air samples are conduct through an adsorption tube and are analysed in a laboratory (e.g. GC-MS). For example it is possible, to detect volatile metabolites of microbiology contaminations (so-called MVOC). The sampling flow rate is 300 ml/min.