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The innovative anaerobic lab fermentation system “GärOnA” with integrated gas analysis

The fully automated lab fermentation system “GärOnA” was developed in cooperation with the ECH GmbH in Halle (Saale). It allows very easy and exactly the investigation of anaerobic digestion processes, combined with a wide information content. The main objective is the determination of the biogas formation potential and the fermentation behaviour of different organic substrates, materials and waste.

The procedures for batch and continuous fermentation tests are specified, among others, in the VDI guideline 4630.

Common test systems, e.g. eudiometers, are often maintenance-intensive and require a great effort of apparatus, lab personnel and time.

The most important feature of the new lab fermentation system is its high level of automation. After preperation of the reaction vessels and starting the test procedures all operations run automatically.
Another special feature is the measurement of the pressure inside the vessels to calculate the formed biogas quantity. The controlled depressurization in each vessel is automatically realized by a valve manifold system. Hence the pressure range in the fermentation vessels can be minimized. This is relevant for solubility equilibrium of methane, carbondioxide and other gas components in the liquid phase.

The distinction against established systems is the integration of a compact online gas chromatograph to measure the concentrations of the main biogas components formed in the vessels. Thus it ist now possible to monitor the time course of biogas composition.
While the depressurization a biogas sample from a vessel is fed automatically to the gas chromatograph where it is analysed.Due to the integrated gasanalysis it is possible to record the change of the methane formation or the time course of the methane formation rate.

An extensive operating and control software offers various options for data acquisition, test set up, visualization, analysis and data export.

Benefits of the new fermentation system “GärOnA”
  • compact and portable lab analyzer
  • up to 15 separate, fully automated and controlled fermentation vessels
  • pressure measurement for determination of formed biogas quantity
  • depressurization via valve manifolds
  • determination of different gas components with integrated gas chromatograph
  • waterless incubation (range: 4°C – 65°C) by an incubator unit
  • compensation of temperature and air pressure changes for accurate data evaluation

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