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Pocket water lab “PiA®

You want to know if your water from the water supply line is steril or if you can use your swimming pool safely? Pocket water lab “PiA®!

Determination of germs in water samples is usually performed in a microbiological laboratory. For this, a sterile work place is required, time and costs are high and special knowledge are needed.

By “PiA®, the petri dish with integrated application system, you can test your water from the water supply line and your pool to germs yourself in a short time.

This test kit contains:
  • petri dish with sterile media
  • sampling cup and syringe (sterile)
  • usage instruction

The sample is injected by a seal and distributed to the media without opening the petri dish. This test is simple, can be done by anyone and also evaluated by oneself. A sterile work place is n’t required.

Short instruction:
  • remove the sample from the water source with the sterile-packed sampling cup
  • fill 15 units from the sample into the sterile syringe
  • dosage the sample through the seal
  • distribute the sample by turning the lid
  • count the colonies after 3-5 days

Only a petri dish with media is required per sample. Within minutes, the sample can use on-site and analyzed itself later.

This system was developed and patented in the GMBU e.V. (20 2011 106 557.3).

Here you find a Produkt-Flyer.

The Pocket water lab is offered as a set of 1 or 3 petri dishes with equipment.

Please direct questions and orders to Mrs. Leifheit or Mrs. Schuppener.