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Bio- und Umwelttechnologien e. V.

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The working group Microbiology and Biosensors offers the following services:

  • microbiological methods and tests with water organisms (standardized procedures)
  • determination of the aerobic degradability of waste water with microorganisms from our laboratory or direct from the process
  • testing the potential of degradation of microorganism strains or sludges by means of bioactivity sensor
  • determination of the inhibition potential from waste water and material saples on microorganisms (biotest procedurees with bacteria, micro algae, yeasts/fungi)
  • antimicrobial product-test for antimicrobial activity and efficacy
    (JIS Z 2801 :2000)
  • microscopic documentation and morphological investigations of microorganisms
  • isolation and enrichment of microorganisms with a specific potential of degradation
  • evaluation of disinfection with ultraviolet light
    (biodosimetric tests DVGW W294)
  • tests for anaerobic fermentation
  • cultivation of microorganisms for laboratory test and as starter cultures
  • produce extracts of biomass
  • functionalization of degradable carriers with bioactivity components
  • heavy metal accumulation by yeasts an algae

For further informations please contact Mr. Matthias Leifheit.