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Acoustical oscillations within frequencies between 20 kHz and 1.6 GHz are denoted as ultrasonics.

Ultrasonic oscillations are generated with piezo elements excited with high frequency voltages. The induced oscillation modes depend on the geometry and exciting frequency of the piezo elements (Fig. 1)

In ultrasonic tranducers the piezo elements are embedded between passive materials. The radiation characteristic is predominantly defined by the design and the acoustic impedance of the passive materials. (Fig. 2). Such transducers are employed for sensorics as well as power ultrasonic applications. Solving problems a deep insight in the involved physical effects and their mathematical simulation are the main prerequisitions for well done transducer design.

GMBU e.V. Halle performs investigations for applying ultrasonics to chemical, food and biotechnology. The activities encompass the development of sensoric solutions supported by ultrasonics as well as the use of cavitation processes induced by power ultrasonics. A further topic is the deployment of acoustic forces to manipulate particles on micro scale in fluids.

Topics of Research and Development
  • Mathematical modelling and simulation of piezo actors, transducers and sound spreading in passive materials
  • Modal analysis in oscillating elements und systems (Fig. 3)
  • Development of sensorics with ultrasonic transducers
  • Investigation of cavitation in acoustic fields and fluiddynamic flow
  • Investigation of power ultrasound to chemical and biotechnological processes.
Service Panel
  • Simulation of fluid streams and acoustic fields with Finite Element Methods (COMSOL Multiphysics)
  • Electrical measurement of transducers from Hz to GHz (impedance analysis) (Fig. 4)
  • Layout of hf-circuits to control power input and perform impedance matching in piezo transducers