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Cavitation appears in fluids treated with power ultrasound at frequencies between 20 and 100 kHz. Transient cavitation bubbles are generated and implode releasing enormous energy focused on a very exigious point (Fig. 1). The collapsing bubbles are generating interferring shock waves forming the so called cavitation noise.

This energy can be used to intensify mixing processes, detaching fouling layers and biofilms, separation and destroying bacterial and plant cells or initiating chemical reactions (sonochemistry).

Examples are:

  • Emulsification and dispersing during pharmaceutical production, chemistry or food processing
  • Detachment of fouling layers in pipes and devices (heat exchanger)
  • Detachment and destroying of germs, cells and biofilms
  • Disintegration of cells for harvesting
  • Generating of radicals for initiating chemical reactions

Till now the target oriented generation of cavitations fields at changing process conditions could be a major problem in power ultrasonics. Moreover the quantification of the cavitation intensity in real production processes is difficult. Acoustic cavitation is an energy consumptive process. Up scaling needs great and longterm experience and excellent investigation equipment. GMBU e.V. has this skills.

Topics of Research and Development
  • Characterisation and quantification of cavitation fields in real industrial production processes
  • Development of a cavitation sensor for power ultrasound devices, pumps and fluid flow engines
  • Cell disintegration with power ultrasound
  • Production of radicals for initiating emulsion polymerisation
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