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Characterization of light sources (Dipl.-Phys. Bernd Seme, Dipl.-Chem Anke Drewitz):
  • Absolute measurement of irradiance and illuminance
  • Determination of spectral emission (200 nm to 1700 nm) and spatial radiation characteristics
  • Evaluation of photochemical and –biological effectiveness
  • Chemical actinometry
  • Evaluation of hazard potential
Chemical analysis and characterization of functional dyes (Dipl.-Chem. Anke Drewitz):
  • Development of analytical methods for effectiveness assessment of water-, wastewater and air purification
  • Steady state fluorescence measurements with high sensitivity of solid, liquid and heterogeneous samples (200 nm – 1100 nm), determination of fluorescence quantum yield
  • Evaluation of photocatalyst and photosensitizer efficiencies
  • Methods:
    • Optical Spectroscopy (UV / VIS / NIR / FTIR, Transmission / diffuse and specular reflectance / ATR / Luminescence / time resolved fluorescence)
    • Chromatography (HPLC, GC-FID, GC-MS)
    • Sum parameter (COD)
Special coatings and Characterization (Dr. Norbert Winkler):
  • Development of coating solutions using Sol-Gel Technology (Dip-, Spin- and Print-Coating)
    • For sensors (e.g. ammonia, pH-value, humidity)
    • For emitters (UV, VIS)
    • For photocatalytic processes
  • Viscosity measurement (rotational viscosimetry)
  • Determination of thickness, density, refractive index, transmission, also for multilayer coatings (Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, Optical Spectroscopy)
Medical technology (Dipl.-Ing. Armin Scheibe):
  • Design and supervision of clinical studies of medical products and therapeutics in dermatology using noninvasive, optical spectroscopy based diagnostics (fibre based diffuse reflectance and fluorescence measurements in VIS/NIR, also imaging)
  • Simultaneously spatially and spectrally resolved measurements of fluorescence, emission, diffuse reflectance or transmission/absorption in UV, VIS and NIR, Raman-scattering
  • Application studies of multicolor fluorescence-labeled or autofluorescent biological samples and assays
  • Application studies on combustion processes in flames by optical analysis in the UV and VIS
Chemical sensors (Dr. Norbert Winkler):
  • Custom-designed optical and opto-chemical sensor solutions for environmental and process control (e.g. ammonia, ozone)
Microbiological services (Dipl.-Biol. Kerstin Günther):
  • Cultivation and maintenance of bacteria / fungi / yeasts / algae
  • Growth studies and microscopic documentation
  • Evaluation of microbiological effectiveness of processes and materials